3nn3\/ (ennev) wrote in amigajournal,

Amigas (Again)

You know what Amiga computer where ahead of its time?

Read this story: Like I’ve shown earlier on a picture, I’ve started up my Amiga, didn’t really did it since about 1998. I did used it a couple of time, but just for about 2 hours of play on some games (Battle Squadron, Xenon etc.) then it would return in it’s box until I get another nostalgia attack. Well I’ve got another of those “nostalgia attack” this week. Well this time I want to make some music again, use to create a few track with a MOD editor (MED AND octa-MED) so I’ve also dug up the midi adaptor etc. Since theses softwares are not games they require that I boot the OS, originally called Workbench (I wonder if windows where around at this time? maybe version 1.0), the version 1.3 really old now a version 4 and 5 (not sure) is available for newer Amigas (new like 1992!!) wich feature more memory and hard-drives. This is a nice OS, windows and multi-tasking (real multi-tasking) stuff that where introduced on others computer much later. That version was introduced in 1987, but you know what??? IT WAS YEAR 2000 COMPLIANT!!! When I’ve started the computer the clock was really off, quite natural since the clock battery discharged after all this time (actually that battery recharge itself when the computer is powered long enough) so I when in the preferences and set the clock, year are only on 2 digits, so I’ve smiled and selected “03” I was sure that when I’ve would start back the day of the week would be totally off! And that file on disks would show as “Future” (AmigaOS for dates on file would say “Yesterday” or the day of the week for file less than a week old). But NO!! It displayed date properly!! Even windows 3.1 could not really get year 2000 compliant unless numerous service patch and upgrade and they where introduced much later and on newer computer that would have more chance to still be in use in 2000.

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